Missionary Bicycles and Cuba Mission

Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for the Bicycles for Cuban Missionaries, during our Advent Conspiracy.  Hopefully, this time of thinking of more personal ways of giving helped make your Christmas celebration more meaningful.  Along with additional funds given as memorial gifts, we were able to reach our goals to provide for all 18 missionaries.  This means 16 bicycles and 2 horses!  We were able to send the funds (due to a friend visiting Cuba this week) to Pastor Arnaldo at Imias Methodist Church, so that he will be able to purchase the rest of the bikes.  We will receive pictures soon.  Any other funds we collect will go towards purchasing rechargeable head lamps so they can see and be seen when they travel at night.
Thanks again for your wonderful generosity!  May God bless you for helping these missionaries reach new people for Jesus Christ! 
Note: We have postponed the April Mission Trip to Imias, Cuba until another time, due to the untimely passing of Jim Madden.