In 2016, a team of missionaries from our church joined together with the Missionary Friends group, based in North Carolina, and traveled to El Ayudante in Leon, Nicaragua and in 2017 we returned to El Ayudante with our own mission team (New Life Missions) to assist communities with water purification, food distribution, home construction, bible school, tutoring, and sewing.

Our 2018 trip has been set for February 24 – March 3, 2018 and we invite you to prayerfully consider how you can support this mission. There are several ways you can show your support:

1) Join the team and go to Nicaragua! The team is open to all who are interested – not just members of our church! Click here to download the 2018 application as a PDF or Word document.

  • Trip Information: The date is February 24 – March 3, 2018. The team leader is Melanie Fontenot. A maximum of 30 seats will be available. The final total depends on current airline cost but is expected to be $2,000 – this includes $1,500 for your personal and travel expenses plus $500 towards projects. A Non-Refundable deposit of $100 is due along with a completed application and a color copy of your passport if you already have one. Payments are received by our treasurer, Jennifer Green. ( Funds due date: November 30, 2017; plan wisely.
  • Vaccinations required: Tetanus 5 years current, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid. You should also request a prescription from your doctor.
  • Projects for 2018 may include but not be limited to:
    • Construction
    • Vacation Bible School
    • Medical
    • Water purification buckets
    • Veterinary
    • Sewing
    • Tutoring at the Nicaraguan School for Children
  • You must pack all of your personal supplies (clothing, toiletries, etc.) in your carry-on bag, as all checked bags will be used for team supplies.
  • There will be a luggage team that will pack ALL supplies to avoid the high cost of luggage. The drop off location is 134 Lakewood Dr, Luling, LA 70070. The deadline for getting supplies to the packing team will be February 2, 2018. Any supplies received after this date will be held over for 2018.
  • Questions regarding the trip should be directed to

2) Support the team financially. The estimated cost for each team member is $2,000. You can help by donating to the mission team to cover travel expenses or supplies. Here are some of the expenses that you can help support:

  • Donations of ANY amount are always welcome and will help support the team projects in Nicaragua.
  • Home construction costs $3,300, which includes all supplies and labor for construction crew that works with the mission team.
  • A donation of $40 will provide a water purification system that a Nicaraguan family can use to have clean drinking water for 5 to 7 years and also 1 week’s worth of food. Other donations are needed to pay for vaccines for cattle, supplies for the medical team, and supplies for the tutoring program.
  • A donation of $100 can provide a sewing machine.

3) Pray for the team and all involved with the trip, as well as for the people in Nicaragua who the team will minister to.

4) Get involved in the “Cross Stitching” ministry. Click here for more information: CrossStitchers.

For more information on El Ayudante and their work, please visit